I heard a story a few days ago.  It has since become my favorite story as it outlines perfectly how to have success with magick, spell casting and ANYTHING is life.

Some of you know I practise Raja Yoga and Mantra Meditation, which is what this story involves, but it applies to magic and spell casting as well.  I head this story from a Raja Yoga Master regarding one of his students.  It was truely inspiring.

The Master told the story of a man who had come to him wanting to have success in his business.  This man has reached a point in his business where he felt blocked and unable to progress to the next level.  In fact his success has started to dry up.  The Master gave this man The Esoteric Lakshmi Mantra…

“Om Gum Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha”

Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Abundance and part of the feminine trinity.

It is a very powerful Mantra I have used it myself and had huge success with it.  The Master told the business man to preform Mantra Siddhi with the Lakshmi Mantra.  Mantra Siddhi is basically chanting the Mantra in intervals of 108 until 125 000 repetitions has been attained.  It is a very noble goal to strive for and not many people have the mental discipline to commit to preforming it.

The business man was very excited and went away to preform this Mantra.  He diligently committed himself to the Mantra and managed to reach 125 000 repetitions after 3 months.  Nothing happened.

The business man’s mindset here is brilliant.

He did not blame the Mantra

He did not blame the Raja Yogi Master

He did not blame the Goddess

He figured he a larger block than he originally thought which he needed to overcome so he decided he was going to preform Mantra Siddhi with the Lakshmi Mantra again.
So he diligently went about preforming 125 000 repitions of the Lakshmi Mantra again.  It took him another three months to complete Mantra Siddhi.  Again nothing happened.

Once again the business man proved he had a superior mindset, as again…

He Did not blame the Mantra

He did not blame the Raja Yogi Master

He did not blame the Goddess.

He though, oh man I must have a huge block that needs to be overcome.  So he decided to preform Mantra Siddhi with the Lakshmi Mantra one more time.  So he began diligently working towards attaining Mantra Siddhi.  This time it took him four months to complete the 125 000 repitions.  At the completion of his journey the flood gates opened and the business man was blessed with insane success and prosperity!  He had so much money flowing to him that he was overjoyed.

It was at that point that he choose to phone the Raja Yogi Master and thank him profusely for the wonderful gift that he has given him.  The business man was so grateful and so full of happiness and gratitude, which is another important step to being successful.  Being Grateful!

It took the business man 10 months to complete the Mantra and attain the success he desired, but once it was attained the flood gates opened. So even when casting spells, sometimes results take longer than expected to manifest.  You do not know what is fully going on with you energy, but you need to have faith and keep going to what you want, stop blaming other, be grateful and be willing to keep at it.  It is the only way to get powerful results and craft the life that you desire.

One thing to really pay attention here to is this mans mindset.  His mindset is in such a good powerful place it is no wonder that he has huge financial success.  How you come at life and at spell casting and magic in general will dictate the level of success that you attain.  In fact it is like that with anything.  If you want to attain a level of mastery you need to practise diligently and be grateful for the successes that you do attain and continue to build on them.  Be willing to do what it takes and commit yourself and your rewards will be great!

Happy Chanting!


I have been receiving a lot of e-mails from people asking me where to get supplies and where to pick up magickal items for their spells and rituals. People always ask me where I get all my items from for Rituals.

Truthfully, I do a lot of my shopping online at stores like Amazon and eBay as I find there is a larger variety than is offered locally and I can usually find whatever it is that I need. Sometimes I go to my local metaphysical store but sometimes it is just easier and more convenient to shop online. Also, there are some items that in order to get good quality you have to either make it yourself or go online.

Some people live in area's where they do not have a local Metaphysical store or place where they can pick up casting supplies, so I added this section to the site to make it easier for all of you to get the supplies for your spells. I will be making improvements and updates as time goes on and offering more and more items but as of today we have officially launched our Online Store sections of Black Magic Secrets.

You can take a look here...


Please check it out and if you would like to see certain items featured please let me know and I will see if I can find them!

Happy Shopping!

Priestess Akelta

Magnetism and Black Magick

When Practising Black Magick, it is essential to not only work on the power of mastering energy. But also the power of mastering yourself. Most dedicated Black Magicians have a lot of confidence and influence over those around them. Not to say that they abuse it (Although some do) but they can use it to tip situations in their favour. This is not something that comes naturally, it takes time to develop this skill, but everyone has the potential to learn it.

Black magicians are very strong at their core. They love themselves and are very confident in their movements and actions. They are fully aware of what they are capable of. This is actually where a lot of our strength lies. This skill when developed is called Magnetism. It is where one develops such a strong will that they can, with only the power of their "I" can influence and captivate those around them.

If you want to be a successful black magician you need to have a healthy love of yourself and everything about you. Black magicians have a healthy dose of self esteem and are confident and focused in everything that they do.

If a true black magician gazes into your eyes you will be entranced and feel like they have control over you. This skill can take a bit to master, but once you do, you can be dangerous. Remember that you must respect this power you will be able to control those around you with just your eyes.

Let me give you an example. The other day I was in the Mall and I went into this store and was looking at this beautiful necklace. The owner came over and started talking to me about the necklace. I gazed into his eyes and he picked up the necklace and told me to take it and consider it a gift. I nodded and thanked him for his kindness. This is just an example of the power that magnetism can give you.

If you want to start developing your magnetism then you want to start learning to love yourself. You need to improve your self esteem and strengthen your core. One way to do this is to gaze into a mirror everyday and state everything you love about yourself. If you are unhappy about your image then NEVER beat yourself up for it. You want to love every part of you!

If there is a part of you that you are unhappy with then work at changing it in a positive way,. Love yourself and learn to love the part of you that it not perfect. Trust me, when you accept that part of you and love it, you will have an easier time changing it. Always strive to improve yourself, but completely accept yourself for who you are. If you want to yield the power of energies, then you need to first master the conduit for those energies.....YOU!

Happy Castings,
Priestess Akelta

In this world there are things called cults, which I know to most of you has a negative association. Now why is that, well cults brainwash members into joining their group and basically steal and destroy their lives, correct, well almost.

In a cult the leader or leaders use very powerful mysterious energies and they surround themselves with it. So to the normal member they appear as this great mystical being with connection to powers that the members can't even dream of. So people become entranced, obsessed with these leaders and will literally do anything to please them.

These cults, defeat the very purpose of Black Magick. In Black Magick you are suppose to be devoted to yourself and strive to improve your own power and being. Your not meant to grovel to some semi mysterious person that has a little knowledge of personal magnetism and is using it to manipulate and control people.

In Black Magick we strive for personal empowerment and complete loving and acceptance of the self. When walking this path you are suppose to love yourself and do what is in your best interest. Sure if you are in a coven you need to respect the group. One cannot have a successful coven without it's members cooperating and respecting each other.

It is the energy and actions of the groups that reveals the differences. In a cult it's members will be obsessed with the leader and granting the requests of the leader. In a coven the member will respect the group and use the rituals for the betterment of everyone in the group. In a coven everyone should feel empowered.

Your energy will be focused on your own personal growth, and developing your skills. In a coven you are there for the other members and you support them and through your interactions you become stronger and the group as a whole becomes stronger.

Here are some warning sighs that your Coven might be a cult:

~You find yourself willing to do anything to please the leader, even break the law.

~The group seem infatuated with the one running the show instead of developing their own gifts. (Your are their for your own growth not to becomes obsessed with someone else)

~You are told to do something or else they will kill you. (If your life is threatened, get out the first safe change you get)

~You are told to take heavy drugs because it will strengthen your connection with the deities (the only thing it will do in strengthen their hold over you)

~You are told to sacrifice animals or children (if this happens you need to run and never look back)

~The Leader will speak is a sweet manner and appear very kind, but if you get out of line they will turn and though their tone will stay the same, their words will be harsh. (

~The leader is always right, and questions are often criticized. (This is a skill used to break down the confidence of the member and try to make you feel stupid and not good enough)

~If you feel you can never be good enough (Remember In Black Magick, You are a GOD!!!)

~The leader tells you that you cannot attain their level as they are special (everyone can learn magick you do not have to be born with it, it is a skill that can be developed just like any other)

If you feel any of these is your correct coven, then there is no way that you can grow spiritually. All this will limit your growth and prevent you from reaching your potential. I would suggest, if this is the case, then you should get out and find a better coven. This will be the ultimate test of Coven or Cult. If it is a Coven they will ask why you want to leave but wish you safe travels on your way. If it is a cult you will considered evil.

Remember, When practising Black Magick, it is YOUR PATH!!! no one else and you need to devote your energy to your own growth and enlightenment NO ONE ELSE'S!!!! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise!!!

One ability that all aspiring black magicians should consider developing is the art of scrying.

What is scrying one might ask. For starters it can also be referred to as Crystal Gazing, Crystal seeing, or just seeing. It is where a magician receives images and messages from a higher divine source such as the higher self, or other spiritual entities. The messages are received through images shown in a medium such as a Crystals, Stones, Mirrors, Water, Fire, or even smoke.

With practise one can receive powerful guiding images from the self, as well as from higher spiritual guides and forces. Some people even use the art of Scrying for contacting entities such as Demons or Angles.

Scrying is also a form of divination as you can use it to reveal images another other people and where they are headed in life.

Black magicians use a form of Scrying involving a Black Mirror for evocation rituals. This actually makes the evocation simpler to preform as the entity has an easier time appearing on the astral plane and can send messages to the magician in an more effective fashion.

There are some requirements for scrying thought, you need to have the ability to focus and concentrate. When scrying you will start by intently focusing on the object of which you wish to receive images from. You attention must be focused on the object for a connection to be made between you and the astral images you will receive.

Once you have formed a connection you will know as the object will brighten and become your focal point, while everything else around you will haze out and become but a black mist. At this point you will begin to see visions within the object.

If you would like to begin learning the art of scrying the first thing that you need to do is figure out what medium you wish to use. There are lots to choose from, usually it is an object with a reflective surface, but whatever feels right to you. The object that I prefer to use in a large piece of obsidian which I find works well for all my needs. Another one I use is a mirror.

Once you have selected the medium you wish to use, it is important that you take the time to develop your concentration so that you can scry with maximum efficiency. You will have to gaze at the object with intense focus that will allow you to connect to divine forces.

You will know when it is working as the object will illuminate and be you entiar focal point. Everything around you will go hazy and you will begin to see images within the object. Pay attention to what you see as all details are important.

Do not worry if you do not get it on your first try for it can take weeks, even years to develop this skill in some people. Just keep practising and write down all attempt and things you experience as it is important to keep track of your development along the path of magick.

Dark Blessings
Priestess Akelta

Why does Divination Work?

Well the Truth is that you are the reason divination work, and you decide how powerful it is. That is right it does not matter what method of divination you use, all it comes down to is your ability to trust yourself.

All Divination is basically translating spiritual energies. In Divination reading the energies allows you to reveal intimate details about people and allows you to reveal to them the direction they are currently headed in life.

Forms of Divination include Tarot, Runes, Crystals, Aura Readings, Bones, all those cards and stones that you can pick up at your local metaphysical store. The list for methods of divination is endless.

Just like different people speak different languages, different people use different methods to translate those energies. How divination works is that the seer gets to know the cards or medium that she/he is working with and is then able to use those cards to read the energy that is radiating off the person for whom they are reading.

Basically the cards help you trust your own intuition.

When I first started learning about reading tarot cards and decided that I was going to use my abilities to see auras to do readings for people, I was scared. I wondered if I would actually be able to translate the energies effectively.

I was so happy when I had done my first reading and the lady was ex static about how accurate I was. She said to me "It must be wonderful to be born with such a great gift."

The fact is that anyone can be a psychic, you do not have to be born with the special gift. Everyone has intuition and everyone can work towards developing that intuition. I find that the only thing that hinders peoples growth is faith in themselves.

If you want to be a psychic then the best way is to work on developing your own intuition and understand what different energies mean to you. Also learn how to focus your attention solely on person you are reading.

I started with Aura readings and drawings for one becasue that is the gift that can naturally to me, but also because it took me 2 years to pick out a tarot deck that I felt was right for me.

This is important, you want to get a deck that you feet comfortable with, do not settle for any deck. Let one that really speaks to you jump out at you. Even if you go to a store and the deck you want is not there, wait for it to come to you.

Trust me you will do better readings with a deck that you like.

The decks that I use are the Tarot of the Moon Garden and the Vampire Tarot. Both, I find are incredible. I find that in these cards I can see images clearly and reveal accurate details about people.

When drawing the tarot the cards absorb the energies of the person and certain cards will appear to tell a story of the energies that are present. The Reader uses the images on the cards to help them translate the energy and reveal what they say to the individual who came for the reading.

Remember the best psychics in the world are only 86% accurate. That is because we all have the ability to create our own reality and we all can make choices in our lives to change an outcome we don't want.

Developing intuition can take some dedication and focus and won't happen over night. One thing that really helps is improving your ability to focus your attention and energy on a specific task. This is what very powerful psychic are capable of doing. They direct this focus on a single point and feel the energies that are within their focus, when they have uncovered all from that point they move onto another point.

Another good way to learn about energies is to practise. Learn how to sense the energies that encompass people and then work at figuring out what the energies mean to you. You can practise by watching people and trying to figure out what they are like. As you practise you will be surprised what you can pick up from people. Just be discreet as some people do not like being watched.

Remember intuition is something that can be developed and improved upon. It all depends on how badly you wish to commit yourself to learning and improving the self.

The More you Learn the More successful you will be : )
Priestess Akelta

I was looking around the web today, and came across an article about a couple who were killed becasue they were suspected of practising black magick.

It is quite a horrific tale.

They were dragged out of their house brutally by their neighbours. Tied to a tree and then beaten to death with clubs. There daughters tried to help but were overcome with the ruthlessness of their attackers. Later the police came and arrested the attackes for their actions.

This is a true story, it happened in Jharkhand, India.

The first thing that crosses my mind is, where they really black magicians? and if so, where they actually cursing people? A lot of time people who are different are blamed for the things that go wrong, they are made to be scapegoats when really they have done nothing wrong.

I know a lot of people out there succumb to curses and hexes and I empathise, but a lot of the time the wrong person gets blammed, trust me. The powerful black magicians learn how to cloak themselves and usually the people who get branded are the ones that do very benign magicks, such as earth and healing.
The best way to deal with people who curse and hex you is to learn how to defend yourself, then you can deal with them without the law getting involved.

One danger of starting on any magickal path is that there are still fanatics out there that will go to these extremes to deal with people they feel threatened by.

The sad thing is that magickal discrimination is everywhere, and it includes all forms of magick, not just Black. Witches, Gypsies, Earth Magicks, even Reiki energy healing I have had people tell me that it is evil.

Everyday I hear something about a Witch being stoned or fired from her job, or a teacher yelling at a child for reading devil books like "Harry Potter." I shake my head at this, you want to read devil books I'll take you to my private collection, Harry Potter is just a fun story about a kid who is a wizard.

To all you magicians who have been discrimonated against I have some words of advice for you.....

Watch what you say to people.

Don't go running around showing off your tricks and bragging about all the curses you can cast unless you know you can trust the person, and even then be careful. And never threated an individual with magick. Sometimes silence is your greatest friend.

Let me tell you a little about me. You would not suspect me in the slightest way of black magick. I come across as a sweet angel , who is loved by all. I do volunteer work and try to help strenghten my community. I shudder sometimes at the persona I give off, but it works. I am never suspected of anything. I like it this way. I am not hassled by the fanatics or told repeatedly to burn in hell.

Everyone has secrets, if you are going to reveal your craft to people you want to make sure that you are in a position to deal with the consequiences, and remember we all make choices.

Here is the link to the article if you would like to read about it.


Dark Blessings

P.S. Want to learn ways to defend against curses, then head over to my web site at:


My e-book "Secret Teachings of Black Magic" is filled with information on how to not only defend against curse, but also how to throw them back at the one who has wronged you.

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